We love birch ply, it's beautiful and our favourite finish is natural sanded but you need to be mindful when it comes to maintenance and care of your natural sanded plywood product.

Care & Maintenance Tips

  • Be careful with your StandUp or plant stand around liquids. Do not leave spills to sit on the surface. Any spilt liquids will leave a watermark. Use a dry cloth to absorb spills immediately.
  • Natural oils will stain your StandUp or plant stand, e.g. Blu-Tack, oily/moisturised hands, foods, flowers etc.
  • Our products require minimal cleaning – use a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt.


Recommended Finish

If you want your StandUp or plant stand to be more hard wearing and stain resistant we recommend you use hard wax oil.
It's always best to take the product apart and oil each part individually before reassembling.
We don't recommend the use of varnish to coat your product as it would make the timber slightly thicker and may affect the slot joints when assembling the product.